There have been a lot of fake news stories and negative press in the past few months about the actual situation regarding the water shortage in Cape Town. Don't trust everything you read online and rather ask us should you not be sure as Cape Town is still a beautiful travel destination throughout the year and the saving of water is an everyday task and should be practised worldwide.

We would like to keep you in the loop regarding the current drought affecting Cape Town from an insider perspective and update

you on the water restrictions and how it may affect your potential trip or booking to Cape Town.


We are currently still on Level 6B water restrictions which came into effect 1 Feb 2018, however the possibility of our taps running dry resulting in Day Zero is no longer feasible and the possibility of Cape Town turning its taps off is not likely for the next two years. If each and every one of us sticks to the current 50 litres per person limit per day, irrespective or where you use the water each day, we can help to fill the dams during the winter rains and save more water for our upcoming future. You can follow the cities current water situation here:


We do ask that guests make some changes in their water consumption if a trip to Cape Town is iminent. We ask you to please stick to short

90 second showers and encourage alternatives between showers and having a “face cloth” wash down when needed. Switching the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, only flushing the toilet when necessary and preferably only with grey water is encouraged. 

You can catch the shower “grey water” in the buckets provided and use this to flush the toilet! If you'd like to work out your daily usage

you can do so here:


The good news is, if you're staying in the Waterfront Marina Estate’s, the pools are still in use as they are filled with salt water from the canal.

Read this article to see where you as a guest can help save: 


We will provide a starter bootle of drinking water for our guests however encourage you to purchase additional water from the grocery store for personal consumption as our tap water does not taste as good as usual due to the low water levels. 


Should there be any new developments we will keep you informed and update this post.


Regardless of the water restriction Cape Town and its surrounds is still the perfect holiday destination and will not disappoint! 


Updated: 11 July 2018